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Between 1998 and 2016 Mineta Fine Art organized 36 exhibitions and edited 16 catalogues.

In 2016 the art gallery became a heritage Lodging guest house and the name updated to ‘Mineta Art House’ The ground-floor exhibition rooms are used for temporary exhibitions of selected works from the Mineta Collection. The exhibitions are open for the public and can be visited on appointment.

Artist represented in the Mineta Collection

Pat Andrea (NL 1942), Barend Blankert (NL 1941), Jan Cox (B 1919-1980), Dennis Geden (Can 1944 ), Hugo Heyrman (B 1942), Harry Holland (UK 1941), Jean Rustin (F 1928-2013), Eric Paetz (D 1945), Paula Rego (UK 1935), Volker Stelzmann (D 1940), Louis Van Lint (B 1909-1986), Paul Van Rafelghem (B 1938), Co Westerik (NL 1924-2018), Denyse Willem (B 1943).


Paul Van Rafelghem, Photobook 30 x 30 cm. 32 pages, English - limited edition of 2O albums with original photographs, Mineta Fine Art, Brussels, 2022. Online Version

Willem 2004.jpg

Denyse Willem, Mamac Liège (April 30 – June 13, 2004) – Introduction M-F Safin-Crahay, Curator Mamac -  François Liénard, Chalet de Haute Nuit – Edition Labor – 80 pages Français, English.

Berlin Klasse Stelzmann (March 01 – April 26, 2008  - Introduction Guy Gilsoul (AICA) ‘On the razor’s edge’ (F-E)– Torsten Holz, Til Kôhler, Lars Lehmann, Andreas Leissner, Alexander Smitht, Christiane Stohmann, Volker Stelzmann. (Cover Mika Joniaux)

Dennis Geden, Paintings 2000 – 2009, a survey. (Oct. 10- Nov. 28, 2009) – Introduction Guy Gilsoul (AICA), ‘Under the sign of the ambiguous’ (F-E)

Co Westerik, Painting Emotion (March 7- April 25, 2009) – Introduction Guy Gilsoul (AICA), The rhythm pf painting’ (F-E)

Harry Holland, Blindfold (March 22 – April 19, 2014) – Introduction Edward Lucie-Smith.

Barend Blankert, Silence (Oct. 11 -Nov. 15, 2014) Extension Work Catalogue ‘Master of Melancholy’, paintings 2002-2014.

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